Intro to Waterdeep

You can find a complete list of all Dragon Heist recaps here. To start our Dragon Heist campaign, I read a slightly modified version of the Waterdeep Intro Text from Reddit: On the Western shores of Faerûn lies the city of Waterdeep. It is a place of business and opportunity, called home by countless thousands … Continue reading Intro to Waterdeep

Dragon Heist – Dramatis Personae

I'm running an online D&D campaign of Dragon Heist, along with Justin Alexander's remix of the content. Here are the PCs. *stoneware mugs clinking together* (Clinks) A Kenku Monk of the Drunken Master school whose name, courtesy of Kenku mimicry, is the sound of two clinking mugs. Clinks, as some have taken to calling them, … Continue reading Dragon Heist – Dramatis Personae

Project Management for a Launch Academy Team Project

Today we started our team projects at Launch Academy; the whole cohort has been broken into teams of 4-5 people, and we've been given our task - build an entire website. There's a lot of room for us to prioritize and create stories for what we want to do; as with all software development, it'll be … Continue reading Project Management for a Launch Academy Team Project