Dragon Heist – Session 2 – The Affluent and Effluent

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At the start of the session, our players had the drop on a small gang of kenku that were guarding the warehouse. The PCs were a bit concerned, in that their party of five was down two – Babe’s and Ermie’s players were unable to make it. I assured them they were almost certain not to die… at least in the first encounter.

The kenku moved into flanking positions near the large cargo door at the entrance to the warehouse – while at the same time the party moved into ambush positions on the second floor.

Rilderin started things off (and continued from there) with taking potshots with their short bow, then ducking back behind cover. Zherxus cast Bane on the kenku, which effected two of them. Clinks headed down the stairs towards the frey, smashing one kenku in the side of the head with their boomerang.

Before the kenku could react, two of them were down. The remaining three panicked and ran for the front door, trying desperately to throw it open and escape from these unexpected foes. Clinks dropped another with his club as they tried to escape; two of them made it out. As they left, Clinks re-shut the cargo door and locked it from the inside.

With the fight over, Zherxus hustled downstairs as fast as he could to see if he could stabilize the two dropped kenku; but by the time he had gotten there, one was simply unconscious and the other was actually awake. After an ineffectual attempt to intimidate the conscious one, Zherxus left off to search the warehouse. Clinks turned out to be much more fearsome to the party’s prisoner, and was able to learn that the crew had been sent by the Xanathar Guild, that they had grabbed Floon and taken him away, that the Guild members hadn’t had time to search the place for valuables, and that there were chalk marks to follow in the sewers – perhaps Floon had been dragged off to a sewer hideout?

Rilderin and Zherxus ended up looking over a line of bodies against the east wall of the warehouse – with some investigative work, they felt pretty sure that there’d been a big gang fight between some Zhents and Xanarthar Guild members. Zherxus felt positive that no one had been ritually sacrificed (“Oh yeah, you totally don’t do it like THIS. For one, you’d need them bound up hand and foot for one! For two…).

While looking over the bodies, Rilderin heard a noise from the northern part of the warehouse. She and Zherxus approached stealthily to investigate it, and found a stinking and bedraggled Renaer Neverember hiding under a tarpaulin. Rilderin, with their deep knowledge of the nobility and power structures in Waterdeep, immediately knew him for who he was.

“You can come out now, milord. The coast is clear.”

Looking Rilderin over, Renaer replied, “What HAPPENED out there?”

Rilderin waved it away. “Just some riffraff, milord. Let me help you up.”

Rilderin and Zherxus explained that they’d been employed by Volo to rescue Floon; Renaer was quite concerned about Floon as well, explaining that he thought the Xanathar Guilders had grabbed him, possibly thinking he was Renaer.

Renaer also related how he and Floon had been captured – the two were jumped by Zhents after leaving the Skewered Dragon and dragged here. The Zhents had questioned him as too the half million gold dragons his father was rumored to have stolen while still the Open Lord, and eventually had taken his necklace and tied him back up on the first floor of the warehouse. After that, they took Floon upstairs to question him – and then the Xanathar Guilders attacked. In the chaos, Renaer was able to slip his bonds and hide in the back room.

Renaer wanted to go up stairs and find the pendant necklace the Zhents had taken – Zherxus went with him, and they found it in the back office. Inside was a bas-relief image of a woman he said was his mother… but there was also a secret compartment in the pendant behind the image. Renaer was baffled and noted (convincingly to Zherxus) that he’d had no idea there was anything concealed in the amulet. At that point, a set of alarm bells up near the office rang, and they hurried downstairs to see what might be going on.

Downstairs, Rilderin had kept poking around to see if the warehouse held anything else interesting. They ended up finding a secret door that led to a small room with several valuable paintings and a crate of tarnished silver bars. As Zherxus came back, the two tried to figure out how to get such heavy, bulky loot out with them. They finally settled for stashing one of the paintings in the rafters of the building and carrying one or two bars out in their bags.

At about that point, the City Watch began banging on the locked front door, demanding to be let in. Renaer took the lead at this point, telling the party to let him handle it. He shouted out through the door that he was a noble, and that they should break the door down, since it was locked and they had no key.

Upon breaking the door in, a large force of watchmen led by Captain Hystus Staget questioned them as to what went on… although the questioning was fairly pro-forma, given that it was the son of Lord Neverember fielding the questions. At the end of the discussion Renaer asked if the guards would be so kind as to “secure his belongings” in the back room… namely the silver bars and the the treasure.

With this, the party and Renaer headed out on the trail of Floon. They were easily able to find the sewer entrance and then follow the Guilder signs towards the hideout. On the way, they managed to surprise a Gazer that was possibly tasked to watch the passage, putting a quick end to it.

Once in the sewer hideout of the Guilders, the party was able to sneak past a few sleeping goblin sentries and make their way into the main hideout. Things were complicated slightly by Clinks and Renaer’s inablity to see in the dark, but Rilderin was able to use their Dancing Lights ability to give the two some vision.

As the session ended, our adventurers entered a room with a duergar and a human arguing. The human turned out to be Krentz, the Guilder that started the fight with Yagra in the Yawning Portal earlier in this very long evening. The duergar was piling furniture in front of a door and Krenze was yelling at him that this wouldn’t help, that they needed to stuff blankets under the door. And that’s when the two noticed the party entering.

GM’s Notes

  • Two players were out, but quorum is 3, so we played. They were overall somewhat concerned about going into their first real fight at 3/5’s strength.
  • It seemed possible the PCs, knowing that someone (likely Floon) had been dragged off already, would leave the warehouse without finding Renaer. So I had him make a little too much noise in the back room.
  • RIlderin (our half-dark-elf rogue) has been in Waterdeep for decades and has a Courtier background, and so knew Renaer at sight.
  • The player of our kenku monk had a great time coming up with new bits of mimicked conversation to use when conversing.

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