Dragon Heist – Dramatis Personae

I’m running an online D&D campaign of Dragon Heist, along with Justin Alexander’s remix of the content. Here are the PCs.

*stoneware mugs clinking together* (Clinks)

A Kenku Monk of the Drunken Master school whose name, courtesy of Kenku mimicry, is the sound of two clinking mugs. Clinks, as some have taken to calling them, grew up in Waterdeep and scrounged a living as a thief and forger. They were recruited off the streets by their monastic order a bit over four years ago and has just recently returned to the city.

Clinks’ order is one that trains its adherents to pretend to be inebriated and use this as a cover for doing works of good. They are very individualistic – how each one serves the greater good and what that means is up to them.


Babe is a banjo-playing Halfling Bard from the foothills outside Waterdeep. He was more than content to live on the family farm, but has now found himself as an adventurer due to the dire financial straits his family is in. He now quests for enough money to keep the family farm from being foreclosed upon.

Ermine “Ermie” Boondiggle

Ermie is a Gnome Wild Magic Sorcerer. He was captured into servitude as a younger gnome, some 60 or 70 years ago, by a Waterdhavian noble to act as the gardener for his extensive personal estate and private zoo. The noble recently died and Ermie was de facto freed – the rest of the family either didn’t know about him or couldn’t be bothered to care.

Now, Ermie has been wandering around looking for a way to fit into this new world. He’s exploring the city at large, caring for animals and plans wherever he goes, and looking for a place to live that isn’t in danger of either being taken away or condemned. He’d also like to find a new home for the zoo’s animals.. He still squats back at the estate – the house has fallen into disrepair as the noble’s family squabbles over titles and inheritances. Somehow, though, the gardens still look lovely and the zoo is still in tip-top shape.

Ermie doesn’t as much know magic as he intuits it. He’s never really been taught; he figured out at some point that he has a knack for making things happen (primarily through gardening) and figured out some other useful things to do with it, and has managed to use it for self-defense recently while out in the city.


Rilderin is an older Drow Half-Elf Rogue that has lived in Waterdeep so long that no one really remembers when they got there, or where they came from. To someone that hasn’t spent a lot of time with dark elves, they might think Rilderin looks like a full-blooded drow – except no one really pictures a drow with a beer gut and bags under their eyes. They’ve been in Waterdeep for a few decades now, and while they’re neither rich nor powerful, they always know what’s going on with people who are both. If you need to know who to bribe or what vulnerability to exploit so you can get whatever you’re doing done, Rylderin is your person. If you need someone to actually exploit the vulnerability, they’re probably also your person. No half-drow will ever make it far in proper society; they want in anyway. The only access they feel they have is to use the skills they learned while growing up in a drow household – back before things went wrong.


Zherxus is a Goblin Twilight Cleric of Meriadar who is fascinated by the civilized lands of humans. He is questing out from his clan looking for a way to distinguish himself so that when he returns he can take a leadership role. His cohort in the tribe just reached adulthood and, as part of their coming-of-age ceremonies, many of them were sent out questing on whatever path they think will mark them as impressive and a worthy member of the tribe. Those coming back with particular honor can even assume places of leadership. Zherxus is definitely farther afield than any of his contemporaries. Many of the humans he’s encountered outside Waterdeep have deeply held suspicions or beliefs about goblins from the wilderness. He isn’t evil, though – he just puts himself, his clan, and his companions ahead of the greater good.

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